Aussie hunter ‘stunned’ after missing job opportunity

An Australian hunter has been stunned after he was called out by a company to take part in a job hunting promotion on a popular internet site.

Huntly Hunter, 28, who lives in Adelaide, said he was shocked when he was contacted by a job listing on job hunting job postings site Craigslist, which was for an assistant manager position at a local fishing company.

“It was just an email asking if I would be interested in coming to the company’s offices in South Australia and the only way I can think to explain it is, ‘Yeah, of course’,” Mr Hunter said.

“I didn’t really know what to think and was a bit stunned and really shocked, just because I hadn’t really considered this job before.”

Mr Hunter, who is from the Southern Highlands of Queensland, was not familiar with the job, which had no requirements, only a brief online resume.

“The recruiter would have asked for my phone number and a brief resume.

I said ‘no thanks’.”

Mr Hunter said he had heard of the job before, but it was different this time.

“When I saw it online, I thought it was a really cool job and I was really excited, I’m a bit older now, so it was just so different, I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about it,” he said.

Mr Hunter and his partner decided to apply to the job posting after reading a news article about the job in the local paper.

“We’re both very keen on getting into a hunting industry and we just thought it would be a good idea to see what the job looked like,” he explained.

“After talking to the recruiter, we did our homework and just decided we would definitely do it, it was really well written and there was a lot of information about it.”

So I applied and got in touch with the company, they said they would be in touch within a week and sent me an email with a link to their website and a link with a phone number, which I had to call and ask for.

“Huntly was asked to meet the manager to take the job.

Mr Huntly said he didn’t know what the requirements were for the position and he was told he needed to be able to speak to a senior executive.”

They were just like, ‘you need to be fluent in English and have some experience in the industry, we’ll have you come in to the office on Friday and we’ll go through your resume and see what we can offer you’.

“Mr Huntles experience working for a fishing company was “incredible”, he said, but he wasn’t quite sure what it would entail.”

To be honest, I don’t know how to describe it, I think I would have thought it’s sort of like a casual job but it wasn’t,” Mr Hunter told”

There was a big emphasis on ‘we’re going to give you a job that will suit you and we want to see you work here for a long time’.

“Huntly, who worked as a full-time gardener for seven years, said that he was still struggling with how he was going about taking on the job application.”

Being a little bit older, I know I’m still very young, I’ve only been here for about three months,” he admitted.”

But I still don’t really understand how I’m going to do it.

“Huntley said he still didn’t fully understand the company.

Huntley was contacted for this story.


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