How to find a new job as a hunter

A hunter in the North Queensland bushland has been awarded $500,000 after a $100,000 federal award.

The Hunter Conservation Society (HCS) said it was the first of its kind in Queensland, and awarded $50,000 to Hunter Hunter, 50, from Red Deer.

The award was made in the Hunter Conservation and Conservation Management Fund (HCMFF) on behalf of Hunter Hunter and his wife, Emma, and two daughters, Zoe, 12, and Lily, 14.

The fund is an Australian Federal Government (AFG) initiative to reward those who save or manage endangered animals in Australia’s bushland.

“This award is a very significant one for Hunter Hunter because of the conservation work he has done for years in the area, and the fact that he has been able to contribute to conservation for the past 40 years,” Mr Hunt said.

“He will be working with our members to establish a conservation management program to restore wildlife habitats for our wildlife, as well as providing educational opportunities for young people and the wider community.”

“The Hunter Family are committed to our native environment and their conservation work is a great example of this,” Ms Hunt said in a statement.

“Hunter Hunter and Emma are very excited about the future.”

Ms Hunt said Hunter Hunter was passionate about his role as a “hunter, a conservationist, a leader and a father”.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to be involved in a program that is designed to encourage and inspire conservation, and to work with Hunter Hunter to restore the natural beauty and the biodiversity of our native landscape,” she said.

Mr Hunt said the award was the largest ever for a conservation project in Australia.

“Our job is to find solutions for the conservation of endangered species and to keep them in balance, so they don’t suffer as much as they do today,” he said.

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