How to find hunting jobs in India

Hunting jobs in the Indian state of Gujarat are booming with the advent of a new hunting season.

The hunting season started on January 4, and the jobs are now being advertised.

It is the first time in the state that hunting jobs have been offered on an open market, said Ramesh Rangasamy, the chairman of the Gujarat Hunters Association.

The job listing on the Gujarat hunting website has attracted more than 8,000 applicants.

According to Rangash, Gujarat has become a prime hunting ground in recent years and many people have migrated to the state to hunt.

Rangashes job is with a private hunting company.

He said the hunters who have applied for jobs in Gujarat have been mostly from the northeast and north-west.

Rangs job is at a private property and the company pays him a salary of about $3,000 a month.

The hunters pay about $300 per month for their licence, which includes food, lodging, transportation, hunting gear, and ammunition.

Ranganas job is not a hunt but is a specialist in hunting deer, he said.

“We offer different kinds of deer such as elk, boar, deer, moose, and even elk.

Our hunting company has a team of two to three people, with five to six hunters in the group.

There is a fee of $300 to hunt deer, plus expenses,” Rangats job description reads.

According, the company offers hunter training courses.

Ramesyas job, like all the hunters in Gujarat, has a lot of time commitments.

He works from 6 to 8 p.m. every day, which is around two to four hours each day.

“My job is a lot more than hunting.

I have to keep in touch with my family in India and abroad.

We are a team, so we have to work together to complete the job,” he said, adding that he had two kids and an older daughter.

“I get a lot from hunting, because hunting is a part of my life,” he added.

In India, hunting is considered a profession and the job has been classified as an occupation.

In the past, hunting was not a lucrative business, but it is now and it has been expanding rapidly.

According the government’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, hunting has seen a huge increase in employment.

According a 2017 report by the National Centre for Rural Development (NCRD), the number of hunters increased from 1.5 million to 6.5 lakh in 2017.

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