How to hire the best hunter jobs in Calgary

Hunter job postings in Calgary are up, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on hunting.

Here are the best job hunting opportunities in Calgary.


Hunting & Fishing (Hunting) A hunting & fishing job pays well.

The job pays $13 per hour plus a $3 hourly tip.

It also includes the ability to hunt a minimum of 30 deer.

The pay can vary depending on the season, and you may even be able to earn more.

The Alberta government does not require you to have a hunting license or hunt a game, and the province has a hunter’s license program that is available to hunters.

Hunting season is Jan. 15 to Feb. 20, 2019.


Hunting (Guns & Hunting) A hunters license and firearm skills class can be required for some jobs.

The class costs $8.50 and takes a minimum four hours.

The average pay for a hunter is about $15.

The province also has a hunting training program that allows you to hunt deer, moose, moOSE, and elk.


Hunting with the Bear (Bear Hunting) You can also hunt bear by trapping, but the job requires a license.

The minimum wage for hunters is $8 per hour and the minimum wage is $9 per hour.

The maximum wage is about half that, about $10.

A hunter must have a hunter license and can only hunt bear, but there are plenty of opportunities for people who want to hunt other animals, such as coyotes.

You can learn more about hunting and trapping.


Hunting in the Northern Lights (Hunts in the North) There are a number of hunting jobs in the province.

There are hunters who work as a trapper or hunt for seals.

There is also a hunter program that offers deer hunting, and there is a hunting season.

There’s also a small hunting lodge in Calgary, which is open year round.

There also is a hunters club.


Hunting as a Conservationist A conservationist hunting license is required.

The jobs pay $18 per hour, plus tips.

You must have been a member of the public for five years.

You are allowed to hunt in the wilderness and to hunt for wild game.

There have been more than 300 conservationist jobs in Alberta since 1997, and most have been in Alberta.


Deer Hunting (Hunter) You have to have been certified by a hunter.

You have three days to hunt with your firearm and have a permit.

The hunters salary can be around $20 per hour but the pay is not guaranteed.

The licence is $15, and it’s required to hunt any game that has been caught and is tagged.


Hunting for Mule Deer (Mule Hunting) The minimum salary is $30 per hour for a person who has a certified hunter’s licence.

The salary is not required for a new hunter who wants to hunt moOSE.

There may be other ways to earn a hunter certificate, such a hunting lodge, which also allows you access to the trails in the area where you hunt.

The season is Nov. 1 to Dec. 31.


Hunting Deer (Wilderness Hunting) Deer hunting pays $12 per hour per day.

There can be other hunting jobs around the province, such an archery job or a deer management job.

The salaries for those jobs are between $12 and $20 an hour.


Hunting Moose (Hunter/Wildlife Management) You must be a hunter and be certified to hunt mammals and birds.

You need a hunter licence and hunter experience to be a wildlife manager, and a minimum three-year hunter’s certificate is required to do this.

You may have to be certified by another hunter to hunt migratory birds.

There will be a season in the spring and fall.

You will have to kill 10 or more moOSE each year, and your average pay will be about $40.

You also can hunt game such as wild duck, squirrel, elk, bear, and other animals.

You do not need a permit to hunt wild game, but you do need a hunting permit if you want to kill any wild game that’s been caught or tagged.


Hunting Wildlife (Wildlife management) Wildlife managers in the north work in a variety of wildlife management positions, including predator management, predator control, and wildlife protection.

You work in an office with a designated supervisor and may be responsible for the care of migratory and wild-game animals.

Wildlife managers must have their hunting licence and hunting experience and be able learn to hunt animals and manage wildlife in their areas.

You could also work in the field and have an opportunity to hunt game, such in the fall or winter.

You’ll be working with wildlife in the winter and spring.


Hunting Mountain Dogs (Hunters Licensing) There is a deer hunting program in the Lower Mainland that pays $30 an hour plus tips and benefits.

The $10 minimum wage applies

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