Job vacancies in England and Wales in 2018-19

It’s an important year for the jobs market.

With the economic recovery hitting the UK and overseas, it’s vital we get a better sense of the job market in the next year.

It is also a time when the UK’s economy is in the throes of a significant downturn.

This is not a time for complacency.

There are still jobs available for jobseekers and a strong outlook for hiring for the next three months.

But job vacancies are a reminder of how difficult the job hunt can be.

This article is based on the BBC’s Jobsearch report, available at

Please use the BBC News Job Search Tool to get the latest news on the jobs and careers of the people you care about.

Help from the BBC The BBC is working with employers and organisations to help jobseekers, recruiters and other jobseekers get the most out of their jobs.

The BBC has more than 1,000 job vacancies on its website, including jobs that can’t be filled.

To get the best deal on the job, you can use the jobsearch tool to find out more.

Please do not share your personal details with anyone.

To help people in your local area, the BBC has teamed up with the Jobseeker’s Allowance Fund.

Jobseekers can receive up to £1,500 in Jobseek payments.

For more information on Jobseekers Allowance, go to

Find out more about job hunting with BBC News.

You can also read more about Jobseekers Benefits, Jobseekers and the unemployed on the website.

For more information about the BBC, including the news and programmes you need, visit…

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