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It’s official, Reddit is hiring!

The popular job-hunting website posted a new recruitment letter to job seekers Thursday, offering a list of job openings.

Included are jobs at the Reddit office, and some other subreddits.

We also have an updated job search FAQ , and an article on how to make the perfect Reddit AMA.

Here’s the letter:Dear Candidates,The Reddit community is always looking for a diverse group of passionate individuals to help run our site.

We know we’re passionate about our site and we’re happy to have a team of talented individuals to drive that vision forward.

We have been a community that loves diversity and that values our diverse staff, and we want to offer an opportunity to apply.

Please submit your resume and cover letter.

Candidates should be 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED.

The position is a full-time position, and there is a 10-day notice period.

Candidates must be currently employed on a full or part-time basis and have no prior experience in any of the following areas:Information Technology, Sales, Marketing, Web Development, Development, Business Operations, Human Resources, Product Management, Finance, or IT Administration.

Please also be able to demonstrate experience as a web developer or web developer with an existing project.

Please submit your cover letter and resume in the subject line.

The cover letter should include:A brief explanation of your experience, what you would bring to the job, and what skills would you need to contribute to the organization.

We encourage candidates to apply through the Reddit hiring site.

The site is accessible to all Reddit users, but some areas may require an email address.

If you do not have an email account, we encourage you to contact your local Reddit employee.

The hiring process will take place on November 14, and all applications are due November 15.

The Reddit website will provide an announcement on the hiring process once it is complete.

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