‘The best thing I’ve done is to earn my living’: Chisholme hunter’s success story

Chishal Mahajan, the 38-year-old Indian-origin Indian-American hunter, is now one of the world’s best paid hunters, earning $1.6 million per year, a record in the business.

Mahajan’s story is the subject of a new documentary called Hunter’s Edge, produced by BBC India, about the Hunter’s Survival Society.

Mahayana Hunter’s survival society is a hunting fraternity based in San Francisco, California, where Mahajans mother taught him how to hunt.

Mahajann says he made his money as a hunter through a series of job hunting gigs.

“I worked in retail for almost 10 years and got $1,200 per week.

But, my biggest pay day was when I was working in the grocery store, and I was able to work at $400 per hour,” Mahajgan said.

Mahijan has since taken over his father’s hunting business and has taken on a role as the head hunter.

He said that it has become his “responsibility to protect the environment and preserve the species”.

“I’m a hunter who loves hunting, who loves the game, who is passionate about the wildlife,” he said.

“We have to live in the moment and have fun and enjoy ourselves.

It’s a lot to deal with, but we have to do it.

We are in a unique situation because we’re on our own land.

We have to protect wildlife.”

Mahajann said the Hunter Survival Society is an international organization that works to preserve wild animal species.

He said that while he doesn’t have any plans to open his own hunting lodge, he would like to work in the field.

“When I get older, I’d like to do a little hunting in the forest,” he added.

“But it’s a very challenging profession.

You have to be able to deal in a fast-paced environment.

I think there’s a whole other side to the game of hunting.

You need to be willing to make sacrifices.”

Mahijans father, a successful farmer, also became a Hunter’s Warrior and helped him set up his own survival club.

“My father taught me how to take care of my family and the environment.

My father is the first hunter who taught me the importance of hunting,” Mahijan said.

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