The GOP’s job hunting strategy is failing

The House Republican leadership has laid out a new strategy for the GOP to turn back President Donald Trump’s job hunt.

The strategy, called a “blueprint” for an all-out assault on the president’s presidency, is based on a set of four principles that the GOP’s leadership said they want to put forward during a recent meeting with the conservative Heritage Action for America.

The blueprint includes “unprecedented” outreach to voters, the use of technology to “target voters” and the creation of “voter databases” in an effort to “increase the likelihood of casting a vote” for the president.

The Republican blueprint also includes a focus on messaging, outreach and recruiting the youth vote.

It’s aimed at encouraging young Americans to vote for Republicans as the party’s most promising presidential nominee, rather than Democrats.

The goal of the blueprint is to make the president “welcome in the tent” as a potential nominee and to keep him from winning the White House by encouraging him to stay out of the race.

Trump, for his part, has repeatedly attacked Republicans for not engaging in a concerted job-hunting effort and has suggested the blueprint will backfire if it fails.GOP Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana, the chairman of the House Republican Study Committee, told reporters Wednesday that the blueprint was a blueprint that had been working for the last several months.

“We have been working on it and have had good discussions,” Fleming said.

“And the blueprint has been in the works for months.”

Fleming also said the blueprint had been approved by the full GOP leadership.

“I think the blueprint that was approved was an effort that has been working with our colleagues in the House and the Senate, and we believe it is going to be effective and has been endorsed by the Republican leadership,” he said.

The plan is aimed at targeting voters, not candidates, and it will involve digital and social media.

It is expected to be introduced next week.

The four principles outlined in the blueprint include outreach to “voters,” a focus in the GOP on “targeting voters” including the “voting age population,” “target[ing] non-voters” and “target(ing) voters who have not registered or are currently not registered.”

The GOP blueprint also calls for the creation and use of voter databases, and says the blueprint should include “voted-in” forms of ID, including the National Voter Registration Act.

“This blueprint will focus on the most important issue of the year: whether we can win elections and elect a Republican President to be the next President of the United States,” the blueprint states.

It’s not the first time the GOP has targeted Trump.

It worked on the first Republican National Committee draft plan for the 2018 midterm election and has said it will work on another blueprint for 2020.

“The blueprint is a roadmap for an attack on President Trump,” said Fleming.

“It’s a blueprint to put an end to the President’s failed policies.

This blueprint will be the blueprint of the Republican Party for 2020.”

The plan will also be endorsed by many conservative groups.

It comes after Trump lashed out at Republicans last week for not taking up the job-creation blueprint he proposed for the House GOP conference in early May.

“Congress needs to pass a blueprint for rebuilding our economy that includes jobs, education and infrastructure,” Trump said at a campaign rally in Alabama.

“I’m so excited to sign the blueprint.

I’m so happy.”

The blueprint calls for “all the necessary steps” to enact the blueprint, including a $5 trillion plan for infrastructure spending and a $1 trillion plan to create jobs and boost the economy.

It also calls on Congress to “reopen the government and pass a budget that meets the needs of the American people.”

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