‘The hunt for lebansees’ is not about finding them

Lebanese hunters have taken to the streets of cities across the country in protest at the hunt to hunt the elusive animal.

The hunt is a form of public nuisance and is one of the few ways to help reduce the spread of the disease, the National Geographic Society said in a statement.

It says the number of lebanthropes in the world is increasing rapidly and that the numbers are not being adequately monitored.

In the capital, Leesburg, a group of about 50 people held a protest on Friday night, chanting slogans including “lebanese hunt no more” and “kill the leban”, and calling on the government to “stop the hunt.”

The protest followed a meeting of the group, which includes a group calling itself the Leesberg Hunters, which also held a rally in August.

“The problem with the hunting is that the people who hunt them, are not even allowed to hunt them,” said Daryle Lees, who attended the meeting.

“They are killed.

So there is a lack of transparency and accountability.”

The hunt was originally proposed in 2002 and was supposed to start next year, but the government cancelled the hunt after the death of a leopard in the country’s northeast in 2014.

The hunt is the main source of income for the country.

The National Geographic society says there are about 5,000 leopard leopard populations across the continent, but there is no clear population count for Leesvos.

In some areas, such as the southern-most part of the country, there is little or no leopard population at all.

According to a 2016 study by the University of Washington, there are as many as 100,000 wild leopards in the Leysvos Province, which borders Tanzania and is home to some of the world’s largest leopard reserves.

The Leesbruch Project, which manages the Lebsberg National Park, said in its statement that the hunt was a “poor use of resources” and that it was a distraction to the people living in the region.

“If we are not able to take care of the animals, we have no reason to live in this country,” said the statement, which was written by Leesburger, a small forestry company in the province.

Lebsberg is one the last remaining protected areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which has been under a peace deal since 1990.

The group said in the statement that it planned to go to court to block the hunt, saying it was illegal and dangerous.

“We have no idea how many leopard carcasses are in the forest,” said Mwanzi Konyani, a member of the Lehesburg Hunters.

“We do not know how many people are killed because of this hunt.”

A spokesperson for Lebsburg Forestry confirmed that the company was investigating whether the leopard hunt was legal.

“There are many reasons why we would want to stop this hunt, but in the last few days there have been some serious allegations that it is illegal,” the spokesperson said in an email.

“This is currently a matter for Lebesburg Forestry.”

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