What is hunting?

The hunt for an eagle has taken its toll on the world’s biggest eagle hunter.

According to his Instagram feed, a Canadian eagle hunter named Paul Kastel is now searching for an American eagle named Parson in a northern Idaho lake.

In March, Kastels first spotted Parson, which was described as a “mascot” of a raptor and the “biggest of the big ones” by a Canadian pilot who spotted it.

A few weeks later, Kavas second sighting took place, which included an image of the raptor with its eyes closed and a beak pointing upwards.

According the account, Parson had recently been spotted by a hunter in the mountains of North Dakota, who was also hunting an eagle.

Kavs friend, who has been following the hunt, told CNN affiliate KETV that he and his friend were “looking for something big and scary” in the area, but that they didn’t think Parson was “a big deal.”

The next sighting of Parson took place in Idaho on June 11, 2017, but Kavskas account doesn’t detail what the two hunters saw, or how close they were to each other.

A post on Parsons Facebook page said that the hunter was wearing a helmet, but did not say how close the hunters were.

The account has since been deleted.

The post has since come under fire for posting photos from the past week, which have been removed from the site.

The Parson’s family has told CNN that the bird was a “chickpea” and that he is now a “big, scary bird.”

Kavsch said the bird “is an eagle, a hawk, and a lion, and it has the ability to kill and eat all of us,” the post said.

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