What the Hunters, Nurses and Trainers of Texas Are Paying To Build The Next Generation of Nurses

The number of positions that require a nursing license in Texas is growing at a steady rate.

And according to the latest data from the Texas Nurses Association, nursing jobs are growing by 10 percent each year.

It’s a trend that could see the state adding more than 400,000 nurses in the next few years.

“Nursing is one of the fastest growing occupations in Texas, and we know we need more people who can be trained to be a nurse and a registered nurse, or nurse anesthetist,” said Lisa McGlothlin, executive director of the Texas Nursing Association.

“So it’s important to have as many nursing jobs as possible to help build the next generation of nursing professionals.”

But that’s only one part of the story.

There are also hundreds of other jobs that require nursing licenses.

And that’s a challenge for the nursing industry because it requires a nursing degree.

The number of nursing licenses in Texas will likely grow by 10% each year until 2020, according to a Texas Nursers Association report.

The Texas Nursing Licensing Board (NLB) recently released its first-ever State of Nursing Report Card, which shows that the nursing profession is in dire need of a refresher course in nursing and the nursing workforce.

The NLB reported that nursing degrees were needed in only one in seven nursing jobs in 2016, and a nursing education was needed in just 10 percent of nursing jobs.

The average number of hours spent as a nurse per year was 7.4, and the average salary for an RN was $40,890, according the report.

Nurses must be licensed in Texas to practice nursing.

They must also pass a test, which requires passing a series of exams and must be passed in order to become a licensed nurse.

The state requires a state-issued license to work as a registered nursing assistant.

The latest figures from the NLB show that in 2016 there were 8,821 nursing licenses for nursing assistants, nurse anesthesiologists, nurse physical therapists, nurse social workers and registered nurse anemologists in Texas.

According to the NLEB, the median wage for a nurse anesthetic technician was $44,440 in 2016.

That’s a rate of inflation that is expected to climb by an average of 20 percent per year over the next several years.

The average annual salary for a registered nurses anesthesiologist was $80,660 in 2016 and an average annual wage of $85,660 for nurse physical therapist was $63,400, according, according.

The median salary for registered nurse physical therapy was $88,910 in 2016.

“Nursery graduates have a higher earnings potential than their peers in other occupations.

The nursing profession, and nursing in particular, has a long history of paying people well,” said Lauren Koehler, the NLSB’s director of workforce and health promotion.

Koehler added that nursing graduates are often able to work in a variety of different occupations, including nursing home residents, in nursing homes, and in health care settings.

She added that the average pay for a Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist is $79,000.

The nurse anesthesia industry is expected hit hard by a shortage of qualified nurses.

According to a 2016 report by the Center for Health and Economic Equity, nursing graduates make about $35,000 less per year than those with no nursing experience.

Koeshler said that in the past, nursing professionals were given a pass for not being a nurse.

But she said that is changing.

“Now, we’re seeing nurses with a nursing background, or a degree in nursing, get more scrutiny because we’re not seeing that as a fair benefit,” she said.

McGloth, the executive director at the Texas NLB, said that the industry is preparing for the worst.

“We have a great number of vacancies.

We have a shortage, but we’re going to fill those jobs,” she added.

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