What you need to know about job hunting in NSW

NSW has an unemployment rate of 6.6 per cent, but there are thousands of job seekers on the waiting list to get their foot in the door.

Here’s what you need in the capital.

Job seekers are finding their feet with some of the biggest names in the job market.

What is job hunting?

A job seeker can be a full-time student or full-timer working full- or part-time.

Some are part-timers, meaning they are part of the workforce in some capacity.

Some people are also working part- or full time for other industries such as construction.

What are the main job hunting sites?

You can find jobs in all sectors including health, hospitality, transport and retail.

Some sectors of the economy, such as manufacturing, retail, construction and energy, have an unemployment benefit system that provides a benefit to people who are looking for a job.

Where do job seekers find jobs?

There are about 6,000 vacancies in NSW at the moment.

You can apply online to apply for any of these positions.

Some of these places will accept applications from those who already have jobs, and others will accept them from job seekers who are new to the job search.

The most popular positions are: Information and technology jobs – online job board Job-seeker Support Services (JSS) is a job-seeking service for people seeking information technology jobs.

You’ll be contacted by JSS representatives on a range of job-related issues, including job offers, job vacancies, online application, interview tips, and advice on job-search tactics.

You may be offered a position within the service if you’re a qualified applicant.

Jobseekers who apply online can also choose a job from a list of job opportunities in a particular field.

Workforce Development NSW is a national organisation working to support employers, job seekers and the community to find, retain and train the best people for the job.

They offer an online application form and can help people get started with their online application.

Find out more about how you can apply for jobs.

Business-to-business job search and recruiting Services can help you apply for work as a part-timer, full- time or casual, or work for companies that have more than 10 employees.

Find more information about this type of job search here.

Work experience If you are looking to get a job as a contractor or professional, you can get work experience through Job Seekers Australia.

Find the job you want to work for here.

Other options There are also some opportunities in other areas of the job seeker’s career.

Find Out More.

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