Which jobs are too stressful for India’s ambitious video game industry?

In the last three years, India has seen a huge spike in job postings in video games.

It’s also the second biggest video game market in the world after China. 

However, the country’s game developers are looking for jobs that aren’t as demanding as those in the video games industry. 

According to a new report, India’s job market has become even more difficult than it is now.

According to data from the Indian National Software Research Institute (INSRI), in 2016, the job market for India was only 25.8% of what it was in 2015.

That means, India currently has a jobless rate of 15.7%.

“The job market in India has gone through a major transition in the last couple of years.

A lot of new entrants have entered the industry.

This means that there has been a lot of pressure on job prospects and opportunities,” said Anand Sharma, vice president, research and policy at INSRI.

The job seekers that are being hired for the latest generation of video games are now in positions that require a degree and high-level education.

They also have to work with a large team, which means that they need to have good communication skills and know how to work together, said Sharmila Srivastava, vice-president, research, technology and policy, IIT-Bombay.

According the INSRF, the top job candidates for India are the ones that are able to write the first few lines of code and then work with multiple developers.

“The next generation of developers will be the ones with the ability to write code for large teams,” said Sharma.

In the last decade, India had seen an increase in the number of software developers.

This was a result of the government allowing the government-owned software companies to start making software products.

The government is now working to get more Indian developers working for the government.

According, there are a lot more people who are not employed in the industry, because they are not ready to enter the field.

“For instance, they don’t have a bachelor’s degree.

There are people who have a college degree but have not made the decision to enter a business,” said Srivas.

Srivastav said that in a recent interview with CNN-IBN, Amit Bansal, the CEO of Electronic Arts, said that he believes that the Indian video game companies need to get back to basics.

“If we look at the data, there’s only 12% of people who can work on game development for the average Indian.

In the past five years, there was a huge increase in job seekers for software development, and this is not a coincidence,” said Bansal.”

I think the government needs to start looking at job training, and not just for those that have a high school degree.

I think the next generation needs to be taught to work on small teams, rather than just big teams.

I’m not saying that all Indian software developers are going to be unemployed, but there should be a clear standard for who should be given these jobs,” said Sharma.

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