Why the heir hunter is so important

With the threat of death looming over his life, an Australian hunter with a history of mental illness is set to go into retirement.

The father of three is now planning to retire, despite his mental illness and the growing threat of a coronavirus pandemic.

His father, the late Robert Hunter, was a serial killer who killed at least eight people in the 1980s.

Robert Hunter died at age 89 on Monday.

He was a prolific serial killer, whose victims included former NSW premier Mike Baird, and members of the royal family, including Prince Charles and Prince Harry.

“He had an incredible talent and ability to kill and kill and murder,” his son, Scott Hunter, said.

“It was almost like an art form, it was a craft and he was able to create the art.”

His skills, his creativity, his skill set is something we’re not going to see again.

“My dad is going to die young.

But he’s going to be gone with his art and he’s gone with the art.”

Mr Hunter was born in Sydney in 1924 and grew up in nearby Port Phillip.

He attended the University of NSW, where he met his future wife, Barbara.

Mr Hunter later married Barbara, and they had two children.

He also had a sister and four grandchildren.

In the late 1970s, he was charged with the rape and murder of a woman who had been a prostitute in Melbourne’s inner west.

In 1993, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of attempted murder and was sentenced to eight years.

At the time, he had just turned 72 and was still in jail.

He eventually pleaded guilty in 2007 to murdering two women in the Sydney suburb of Parramatta, in the early hours of June 4, 1989.

He shot and killed his victims as they slept, leaving them to bleed to death.

Mr Justice John Williams said Mr Hunter was a “serial killer who murdered and murdered and killed”, but his mental state had deteriorated in the months before he committed the crimes.

“At the end of his sentence, he committed a crime that, in my view, was very difficult to comprehend, because the enormity of the offence and the cruelty of the acts is so beyond what we would normally consider to be criminal conduct,” Mr Justice Williams said.

But in his sentencing, the judge acknowledged Mr Hunter’s mental state and the impact of his mental health issues on his offending, and that he had become a victim of the coronaviruses pandemic and was facing the risk of dying.

He also said Mr Harper would “never be able to put his mental ill-health to rest” and would continue to suffer from mental health problems and addiction issues.

“I do accept, as I have stated many times before, that there are some mitigating factors in this case,” he said.

He sentenced Mr Harper to eight-and-a-half years in prison for the murder of the woman.

Mr Harper was also given a suspended jail term, which included three years for the attempted murder of his former girlfriend, which also resulted in the deaths of two other women, as well as the rape of a third woman in the same suburb of Port Phillip in 1994.

He spent a further three years behind bars for a violent sexual assault against a woman he had met in Sydney, and then served time for sexually assaulting a woman in a Sydney park in 2001.

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